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Visual Approach - Do NOT Abandon the Visual Path Angle

San Francisco CA [KSFO]:
June NOTAM #5: Navigation ILS runway 28L glide path out of service effective from June 01st, 2013 at 06:00 AM PST (1306011400) - August 22nd, 2013 at 03:59 PM PST (1308222359)

06/005 (A1056/13) - NAV ILS RWY 28L GP U/S. 01 JUN 14:00 2013 UNTIL 22 AUG 23:59 2013. CREATED: 01 JUN 13:40 2013

Significa que o Ângulo de Planeio Eletrônico (Rampa) do sistema de Pouso por Instrumentos (ILS)  está fora de serviço desde 01 JUN 2013 até 22 AGO 2013. Por esta razão,  os pilotos devem efetuar a aproximação em condições VISUAIS.

That means the Glide Slope, which is a component for Instrument Landing System - ILS is out of service since June 01, 2013 to August 22, 2013. Therefore, pilots MUST fly visual approach and landing for Ruanway 28 Left at San Francisco airport - KSFO.

In picture below you can see the point where the
Boeing 777 Asiana's landing gear struck the seawall

  Visual Approach illustration to Runway 28 Left from the cockpit

          Visual Approach for both runways at San Francisco airport as illustrated below

         On Visual Approach pilots have no Glide Slope, but he/she must overfly the runway threshold not below 50 feet

                                                                    Runway 28 L Threshold
Embankment height above sea level: 4 meters

                                 Runway 28 Left view

Runway 28 Left - KSFO

You can watch a successful Visual Aproach to runway 28 Right at San Francisco airport on the clip below
Complete video footage about 14 minutes is here

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