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LaMia LMI-2933 Crash in Medellin - TRIP FUEL WAS NOT CONSIDERED


If your plane is flying on right side of Localizer course you need to turn to the left for intercepting the Localizer course (it is the runway centerline extension); Otherwise, as you are flying on heading NORTH (360°) and, the ATC controller gives you heading 010° you should turn to the right (less time), so the plane will turn away from localizer course.

Whether the pilot under absolute emergency pressure has immediately turn to 010°  and, the ATC controller has only perceived her mistake after 30 seconds because she saw the target on radar screen moving on opposite direction as desired, the pilot will need to make the plane to turn 30° to the left for correction. This turn in emergency at night with engines flame out will withdraw the pilot attention (focus) and a loss of control could come because of unavailable engine thrust.

LMI2933, FL210 inbound and we request priority for approaching.
Right now we have a fuel problem.

Medellin Approach Control
LMI2933, understand you request priority to land with fuel problems, correct?


Medellin Approach Control
OK, be advised I'll give you vectors to proceed to localizer
and for approaching. It'll be approximately 7 minutes.


Medellin Approach Control
LMI2933, say your heading.

179 outbound leg.

 Medellin Approach Control
Maintain present heading and wait to start, to continue your descent.

Mantain present heading and we're visual with the ground.

LMI2933, requesting vectors for inbound leg, ma'ma.

Medellin Approach Control
Stand by, I have a traffic just below doing the approach.
And additionally, they are performing a runway inspection.
How much time do you have for landing, LMI?

We are with emergency fuel, ma'ma.
We're established  on final course.

Request immediately descent, LMI2033.

Medellin Approach Control
LMI2933, you can turn to the right just now to start your descent.
You have traffic one mile and below you.

Traffic in sight, no factor and we request to intercept the localizer at once.
(Captain asked for Gear Down).

Medellin Approach Control
Captain, you are at Flight Level 210. I need you climb down flight level.
You'd have to turn right to star your descent.

Negative, ma'ma, we've already started the descent.
and we're going to localizer.

Medellin Approach Control
LMI2933, you have a traffic ahead, at 18000 feet, an Airbus 320.

We have it on TCAS and just above, ma'ma, we're on final course.

Medellin Approach Control
The aircraft is at 18000 feet, captain.
The traffic is turning left now.
Additionally, there is another traffic, ...OK, it has already cleared 18500 feet.

Traffic in sight and we're at 18000 feet, 2933.

Medellin Approach Control
Stand by (for Colombia 3020).
LMI2933, 17700 feet, continue the approach, wet runway.
Let us know if you request any ground assistance.

We will confirm for ground assistance and we're crossing 16000 feet to localizer.

Medellin Approach Control
Set QNH to 30.27


Ma'ma, LMI2933 is with total failure, total electric and fuel.

Medellin Approach Control
Runway is clear, LMI2933 and fire services are rolled.

Copied, LMI2933... Vectors, vectors, ma'ma. Vectors to runway.

Medellin Approach Control
The radar signal has lost, I can't see you, say your heading now.

We're heading 360, 360.

Medellin Approach Control [in Spanish]
Con rumbo, vire por la izquerda 010, proceder'ia al localizador
del VOR de Rionegro - una milla delante del VOR. Al momento usted se encuentra ... - correto, le confirmo - por la izquerda rumbo 350.

Medellin Approach Control [Air Traffic Controller misled pilots]
With heading, turn left 010 to localizer, Rionegro VOR - a mile ahead the VOR. Right now, you are ... - correct, I confirm - left turn 350. [She finally corrected to right heading to be taken]

NOTE: Who is heading North never turn left to 010. This ATC mistake withdrew pilot focus on keep flying without turns. Maybe here is the key to the pilot has lost FLIGHT CONTROL.

Left 350...

Medellin Approach Control
Yes, correct. You're 0.1 miles from Rionegro VOR.
I can't see your altitude, LMI.

9000 feet, ma'ma.
Vectors, Vectors.

Medellin Approach Control
You're 8.2 miles from the runway.
What's your altitude now?
LMI2933, say your position?


Just in case of any aircraft is very short on fuel  the pilot MUST declare 'proceeding for landing' even though he/she hasn't got the ATC CLEARANCE.
The ATC will immediately instruct all the other aircrafts in vicinity to  keep their tracks from approach sector and runway centerline. Go-Around for all planes on log.

The ATC will devote full attention to the aircraft with "run of fuel" declaratory (It is Law Declaratory). All other aircraft lose their priorities, even if other aircraft has declared "supposed fuel leak".

The aircraft declaring "run of fuel" and "proceeding to land" takes over the highest priority even though it hasn’t got proper authorization from ATC. It is in the same priority of GLIDERS because it has lost its own propulsion system.

Priorities for landing:
1° Gliders
2° Aircraft in Aero-medical service (wounded or seriously injured)
3° Aircraft operational SAR (search and rescue)
4° Aircraft in Military Operation (War mission)
5° Aircraft carrying the President of the Nation
6° Aircraft in Military (Military Maneuver)
7° Other Aircraft
Exatamente no caso em que qualquer aeronave estiver com pouquíssimo combustível, o piloto DEVE declarar 'prosseguindo para pousar' mesmo sem ter AUTORIZAÇÃO do Controle de Tráfego Aéreo.
O ATC instruirá imediatamente todas as outras aeronaves nas proximidades para se afastarem de suas trajetórias do setor de aproximação e do eixo da pista. ‘Arremetida’ para todas as aeronaves no enfileiramento.
O ATC dedicará atenção total à aeronave com declaratória "sem combustível".
Todas as outras aeronaves perdem suas prioridades, mesmo a aeronave que tiver declarado "suposto vazamento de combustível".
A aeronave que declara "sem combustível" e "prosseguindo para pousar" sem a devida autorização do ATC, está na mesma prioridade de PLANADORES, portanto tem prioridade de pouso.

Prioridades para o Pouso:

1° Planadores
2° Aeronaves em serviço aeromedico (Enfermo ou Ferido grave)
3° Aeronaves em operação SAR (Busca e Salvamento)
4° Aeronaves em Operação Militar (Missão de Guerra)
5° Aeronave transportando o
Presidente da República
6° Aeronaves em Operação Militar (Manobra Militar)
7° Demais Aeronaves

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