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Northwest Airlines Flight 188 - overshot Minneapolis - AUDIO and RECORD transcripts

Northwest Airlines Flight 188

October 21, 2009

The October 21 flight from San Diego to Minneapolis (and beyond) carried 144 passengers for an extra hour and fifteen minutes. Lost to radio communications for 78 minutes, controllers at Minneapolis asked other Northwest flights to check Denver's frequency. When finally reached by controllers, the crew said, "we're good on fuel," adding that the aircraft was carrying more than two hours' worth. The FAA has classified the incident as a "pilot deviation" (similar to flying at the wrong altitude).

Updated: 12:59 pm ET November 25, 2009

Denver Air Route Traffic Control Center (Denver Center), Position 28R, Partial Transcript (PDF, 182 KB)
Denver Center, Position 28RA, Partial Transcript (PDF, 183 KB)
Denver Center, Position 30R, Partial Transcript (PDF, 171 KB)
Denver Center, Position 18R, Partial Transcript (PDF, 133 KB)
Denver Center, Position 08R, Partial Transcript (PDF, 129 KB)
Denver Center, Position 09R, Partial Transcript (PDF, 276 KB)
Audio (MP3, 2.12 MB)
Denver Center, Position 08D, Partial Transcript (PDF, 166 KB)
Denver Center, Position 18D, Partial Transcript (PDF, 167 KB)
Minneapolis Center, Position 29R, Partial Transcript (PDF, 84 KB)
Audio (MP3, 8.61 MB)
Minneapolis Center, Position 19R, Partial Transcript (PDF, 108 KB)
Audio (MP3, 5.36 MB)
Minneapolis Center, Position 13R, Partial Transcript (PDF, 94 KB)
Audio (MP3, 2.24 MB)
Minneapolis Center, Position 13D, Partial Transcript (PDF, 108 KB)
Audio (MP3, 2.38 MB)
Minneapolis Center, Position 16R, Partial Transcript (PDF, 133 KB)
Audio (MP3, 5.94 MB)
Minneapolis Center, Position 10R. Partial Transcript (PDF, 64 KB)
Audio (MP3, 3.51 MB)

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