quinta-feira, 1 de maio de 2014

A Whimsical Idea To Search The Plane To The South Only - MH370

No airline pilot in good conscience must believe in signals of the INMARSAT satellite PINGS as definitely and unique pathway to South India Ocean to be searched for MH370 aircraft.

INMARSAT’s spokesman has said, “The pings got longer meaning that the distance between MH370 and the satellite grew increasingly bigger, and NEVER smaller. That only means at no point during its subsequent travels did MH370 travel any closer to INMARSAT.”

This statement ONLY gives a clue about two route options that could be flown to: North or South.

 The International Task Force choice to search the plane has been based only on reports of other countries located to the North saying no plane was detected on their air traffic control radars. It is a very unreliable conclusion. It has been whimsical idea, which served to guide the search and rescue team to go through South Indian Ocean only.

INMARSAT engineers had narrowed the search area supposing South would be the best for the pilot. There is nothing on calculation resulting it flew to the South.     Some news from press has insisted on the satellite calculations have pointed the plane moving within an arc to the South after supposed radar contact near Langkawi.  It is not true. INMARSAT calculations have no parameter to pinpoint the plane flying to the South.  They are based on Jakarta Airspace Control Center reports stating a supposed non-identified aircraft was flying near Jakarta Airspace boundaries, but it didn’t trespass the border.

GeoResonance’s findings have the same credibility as INMARSAT presumption. GeoResonance is much more reliable for airline pilot minds on keeping himself/herself alive.

Civil or military pilots posing to these kind of “selfies” as ended their unsuccessful searches for the plane it seems an outrage to all passenger families. They got nothing to be proud of. 

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