segunda-feira, 15 de março de 2010

Multitasking and prospective-memory limitations - Unstable Approaches and Runway Confusing Position

Multitasking and prospective-memory limitations have major implications for runway safety, said R. Key Dismukes, chief scientist , aerospace human factors, Human Systems Integration Division of the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration - NASA Ames Research Center. Multitasking in most situations actually means rapidly switching attention among discrete task, he said (ASW, 08/09, p.18).

Prospective memory refers to a person's capability to remember something he or she intends to do later, and explains why the person can forget to perform the task despite the intention.

"It takes a moment while we disengage from one task and reengage in the other task", Dismukes said. "During that moment, people reconstruct their mental model [so] the flight crew is vulnerable to error - especially if they do not have good visual cues to remind them of the state of the other task"

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