terça-feira, 20 de outubro de 2009

Instruments Panel - No More Knobs - Touchscreen Era

Garmin 3000

Garmin's New G3000: Touchscreen and Widescreen EFIS

Garmin says the same will soon be true for cockpit EFIS. Garmin announced the new G3000.  The new EFIS is aimed a light turboprops and will be ready for market in a couple of years.

Meanwhile, a working mockup of the new system revealed 14.1 inch landscape aspect display screens with WXGA resolution which gives Garmin's synthetic visual a lifelike snap. On the MFD side, the screen can be split into two vertical pages to allow reading an approach plate on one side, a map or weather display on the other.

The touchscreen function happens on a pair of what Garmin calls GTC570 vehicle management systems, which live below the screens on a pedestal mount. These are actually smaller display screens that have touch-controlled operating menus with logic similar to computers, including "back" and "home" functions to simply operation. There are some virtual knobs and buttons, including one for radio volume, and also a joystick for map navigation.  The G3000 will have reversionary display capability and will be able to re-initialize on the fly. It will also support Jeppesen chart products, but Garmin's SafeTaxi, ChartView and synthetic vision features.

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