quarta-feira, 3 de outubro de 2007

EMBRAER no Banco dos Réus - LEGACY X GOL1907


Por que a EMBRAER foi incluída como no Processo Jurídico nos Estados Unidos, no caso da colisão da aeronave EMB-145 LEGACY N600XL com o Boeing GOL 1907?

Leia o motivo, ao clicar neste link para o Post, Favorecendo a Lei de Murphy, já postado neste Blog.

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Tenney Naumer disse...

Hi George, how's it going? I have a question about the photo of the Honeywell transponder display. Why is the word "STANDBY" so blurred? Is it normally like that? Thanks, Tenney

George Rocha [Rock] disse...

Hi, Tenney. Whenever STANDBY mode is activated by transponder failure ( not turned it OFF ), the word is presented in faint white letters. It seems to me so stupid, for pilots need to be aware of small alert without an aural announcement during flight. All letters should be presented in red flashing letters and simultaneous call out "TRANSPONDER STANDBY", something like that.
I believe that software subroutine lack is on way to be corrected.
Hugs. George.